Advice on recycling

Recycling is an excellent way to help the Environment. We can follow some simple advice that can be easily applied to our daily life to counteract the negative effects of waste production.
ALMOST 90% OF HOUSEHOLD WASTE IS RECYCLABLE. When we separate the rubbish produced in our home into different material types, we are helping to create less waste which can take years to disappear.
RECYCLING MEANS SAVING RAW MATERIALS, WATER, AIR AND ENERGYwhich greatly benefits society. Moreover, the amount of solid waste that goes to deposition sites is reduced, which also means saving money on transport and deposit
IT CLEARLY INVOLVES GREAT ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS as overexploitation of natural resources is reduced and pollution decreases.
The best waste is that which is not produced, but with this being an impossible mission, we will try to reduce it as much as we can by following this recycling advice:
1. Buying products or containers with less wrapping
2. Buying larger products or in bulk
3.Lengthening the lifespan of the wrappers by giving them alternative uses (for example, we can later keep pencils, string etc in a biscuit tin).
4. Avoiding one-use products (plates, cups, …)
5. Using recycled or biodegradable plastic bags.
6. Encouraging children to collaborate in this act. The association of colours and waste is an educational and fun game for them!
The waste produced should be reintegrated in the recycling circuit by means of the selective collection systems.
With ARAVEN’s ECOBIN you can do it easily as you have three colours to identify the type of recycling (green: glass, blue: paper and cardboard, yellow: plastic containers and wrapping).
You can join them thanks to their arrangement in a straight line and they even have two compartments so that you can doubly separate in each one of the bins.

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