Keeping your fridge tidy

Guaranteeing the food product lifetime, avoiding crossed contamination and keeping things tidy, are the main reasons for paying special attention to organising the fridge. When we come back from doing the shopping and get ready to put the food in the fridge, it is important to know how to organise it. We will separate the food into 4 groups:
Meat and fish. This food requires more cold. That is why many makes of fridges design a special drawer to store meat and fish, maintaining a temperature of around 2ºC (regulated in many cases depending on the amount of meat or fish to be preserved). It is important to remember that meat and fish give off liquids that can contaminate other food in the fridge if they are not kept in the right container. We recommend using airtight containers, like the Araven Fresh Line airtight containers.
Dairy products and cold meat. They do not need as much cold so it is sufficient to keep them in the middle area of the fridge. The shelves in the middle are usually around 4 to 5ºC. The same as in the case of meat and fish, it is important to keep cold meat in airtight containers, above all when the vacuum-pack has lost its vacuum and it is potentially at risk of contamination. Dairy products can be kept on the shelves in the door, as they do not require very low temperatures.
Fruit and vegetables. Low temperatures can spoil fruit and vegetables, the opposite to meat and fish. That is why they must be put in special drawers for them.
Cooked food. They must always be kept in the upper part of the fridge. The main reason is to prevent liquid from fresh food falling onto them. Regardless of where you put them, they must be kept in airtight containers .
Remember that now summer is on its way we must control the temperature that the fridge is set at, as well as if we fill the fridge with a lot of food. In this case we must raise the temperature of the fridge to keep the food in the best preservation conditions.
We hope that this information will enable you to organise the food in your fridges better and in a much safer manner.

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