Make the most of your kitchen

In order to increase the capacity of your kitchen, be resourceful and take maximum advantage of all the spaces. Your cabinets must be organised following the flow of uses you make of them; for example, if you have a dishwasher, it is better to have the dishes you use every day close by, and leave the dishes you only use occasionally in cabinets that are further away or you can even keep them in a cupboard in the living room. You can keep the breakfast mugs and glasses in a nearby cabinet, as they are used every day. You can organise the shelves by types of use, so you can put canned food on an upper shelf, and the breakfast items (sugar, biscuits, coffee,…) on a shelf closer to hand. Try to keep the rice, flour, salt and sugar in ARAVEN rectangular containers, as this will help you make use of all the corners.Regarding accessibility, it is better for you to put the items you are going to use the least at the back, and the products that you use regularly at the front, such as the ARAVEN airtight containers. It is better to stack them up to gain space, storing the smallest ones inside the large ones and you can leave the lids on top of the last airtight container. Only leave what is absolutely essential on the counter.Regarding the fridge, organisation is simple if you maintain an order. You can keep leftover food in ARAVEN airtight containers; you can see the interior and you can also write the storage date on them if you finally decide to freeze it. If you have a NonFrost you will have to bear in mind that both fruit and vegetables lose moisture, so it would be advisable to keep this type of food in ARAVEN airtight containers, which guarantee 100% airtightness to prevent moisture losses.You can organise the food in ARAVEN airtight containers in the fridge, on which you can record the entry date and the food it contains with a special felt-tip pen. This is deleted when washed. Furthermore, their rectangular shape will help you take full advantage of the space in the drawers.

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