Summer needs a good ending

After some fantastic holidays, summer needs a good ending! Either if you have been to the beach or to the mountains, you are sure to have a lot to tidy: towels, rubber rings, rucksacks, buckets, diving equipment, sunshade, cooler,… The time has come to leave everything clean and tidy. It is sad, yes… but it is best so that next year you do not have to worry about enjoying summer again! We give you some practical tips so that, when you get back from your holidays, everything can be put back in its place and in the best conditions:  If what you are going to put away has been in contact with the water, such as rubber rings or sleeves, make sure that they are completely dry before folding them up and putting them away.  We will avoid having an unpleasant surprise when we have to use them again because they have been spoilt by damp or mould stains.  Make sure that bathing costumes and towels are clean before you put them away to eliminate chlorine, sand and salt. When you wash them do not use softener.If you have not been to the beach and you have been camping, you must do the same with the boots, mats and sleeping bags. Make sure you air the boots and sleeping bag well and, once you are sure there is no humidity, we can put them away in a bag or box that does not need to be totally airtight. Sun creams and lotions.  The majority of makes indicate on the container that creams expire after 12 months and will, therefore, have lost their protective properties for the coming summer. If you are sure that you are not going to use them until the following summer, the best thing is to throw them away. Health must be taken seriously, so do not take risks concerning your skin. Try to organsie the products by types. The best thing is to use one box or bag for each type of product. Transparent plastic boxes are perfect because they enable you to identify what they contain more quickly . We hope that these tips will help you bring summer to a perfect close! If you have any tips you would like to share with us, we invite you to tell us about them! Happy return from holidays!

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