Tips to organise your make-up

Today you buy an eye shadow, tomorrow a brush, you fall in love with that pretty lipstick and in the end you have accumulated so much make-up that you need organisation. With good organisation you will not only keep your room tidy but you will also find it much easier and quicker to find that nail varnish that you know you have got but cannot remember where.
Here are some tips that we offer you to organise your make-up and find the way that best adapts to you:
- Organise by type of make-up. Perhaps one of the more “logical” ways of organising it. If you use drawers, choose a drawer per product:
Lipsticks and lip balm
Eye shadow palettes
Make-up bases – BB creams
Blushers – highlighters
Mascara, stick eye shadows and liners
Nail varnish and accessories
- Organise by tones. Perfect for anyone who has a lot of make-up. If that is not the case for all your make-up , but it is, for example, for nail varnish, you can apply it to the latter. Organising your make-up by colours will enable you to have all the make-up you need, depending on the look you want to achieve.
Drawers, trays, drawer organisers…..
You will find a lot of solutions on the market that adapt to your way of organising your make-up. Araven, always trying to help you organise your home better, offers you a wide range of make-up solutions for you to adapt them to your needs, yourself. We start with the drawer towers, as one of the favourite alternatives because the drawers enable you to separate your make-up. There are tabletop drawer towers, perfect for the make-up you use regularly. If you prefer you can stack them if you have little space.
There are also drawer towers with larger drawers to perhaps keep the make-up you do not use so often, or bulkier make-up such as eye-shadow palettes and also accessories such as hair dryers and hair irons. Some of these drawer towers have some practical wheels so you can move them if you need to. If the drawer towers are made of transparent plastic it makes it easier and quicker for you to identify the type of make-up there is in each drawer.
If you prefer to use drawers in your own furniture there are some plastic drawer organisers. They are very versatile for creating spaces and are perfect to adapt them to the make-up you want to keep. If you are the sort of person who uses certain make-up products regularly, one option to always have them at hand is to keep them on a tray in the place where you apply our make-up.

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