An Araven colander is a must in your kitchen, to drain vegetables, rice, pasta,... They are very useful to separate the food from the liquid. The material they are made of (polypropylene) afford high resistance at high temperatures and a long product lifecycle.
The Araven bowls are an essential tool that enable you to handle any type of food when preparing your favourite recipes.Make your life much easier. Available in 5 different sizes.
Both the drainers and the bowls are microwave, dishwasher, fridge and freezer safe.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food use
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Complete your kitchen with these bowls and colanders. Essential and long-lasting to make your daily work much easier and more comfortable.

Dishwasher safe

Maximum hygiene. Dishwasher safe. Good resistance.

Food use

Products suitable for contact with food. Compliance with all European regulations in force on materials and objects that enter into contact with food.

Item Colours Code EAN Product dimensions in mm. LxWxH Box dimensions in mm. LxWxH Units of box Boxes per layer EURO 80x120x120 EURO 80x120x240 Capacity of liters
01070 8411777010703 ø130xh60 275x150xh180 24 20 120 240 0,5
01071 8411777010710 ø170xh80 360x190xh190 24 12 60 144 1
01072 8411777010727 ø235xh110 250x250xh265 12 15 60 120 2,5
01073 8411777010734 ø280xh140 305x305xh305 12 8 24 56 4,5
01074 8411777010741 ø325xh160 345x345xh260 6 6 24 48 7
01076 8411777010765 ø235xh120 250x250xh375 6 7 21 42 -
01082 8411777010826 ø235xh105 245x250xh305 12 15 45 105 -
Is it BPA-free?

This product is free from Bisphenol A (BPA)

Can I store the airtight container in the freezer?

Yes, all Araven airtight storage containers are freezer safe.

Can I wash this product in the dishwasher?

Yes, all Araven products are dishwasher safe.

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